Arenas in Hamburg

Arenas in Hamburg

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For your events and major events in Hamburg the Barclaycard Arena with its manifold gastronomy is the ideal event location. It is one of the most impressing arenas in Germany with an extraordinary and extra-flexible room concept. Whether sports events or concerts, whether company events, congresses or parties with a small group of 15 persons or events with more than 10,000 guests: the Barclaycard Arena offers for all events the proper locations.

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Did you ever want to celebrate where the greats of the football world have already come in a never-ending stream? You do have the possibility in the most famous part of town of Hamburg: at the FC Saint Pauli on the Heiligengeistfeld. Where week after week the red-light district football players of the a bit “different” traditional club are celebrated wildly, you can experience your big events with up to 1,500 people in the ballroom of 1,000m².

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Area Reeperbahn / St.Pauli